Biography :

tentacle-alexI’m Xael A. L. Mottier, sole proprietor of this website and its contents – unless stated otherwise.

I’m French and live in Nottingham, UK. Art is my thing, as you can see.

Since I’ve always loved listening to stories and telling some of my own, it was somewhat obvious that I would one day become an artist. It’s no surprise then that I’ve been working as an illustrator, author and/or colourist on many different projects for over ten years.
Meanwhile, after various studies in Humanities and Archaeology, I’m now doing some research in Sociology on the subject of Gender in Arts, thus uniting almost all of my current interests.
I’ve also worked as an Art teacher in an independent graduate art school located in Lyon, France, for 5 years. I still often supervise short courses on digital painting, history of colours and comics, in different places and for various type of students – from middle school to grown ups.

My art, comics and exhibitions tend to be politically-aware, as well as fantasy/horror/SciFi oriented.

If you want to know more about me and what kind of commissions you could ask, please contact me!

n°SIRET : 449 199 348 00011  (France)